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Music Festival


Interviews with local Wisconsin musicians and music based organizations and businesses.

The goal of the podcast is to amplify the great talent in Wisconsin and bring on guests that will be do just that. 


You'll hear from Wisconsin artist and hear about their journey from their beginning.

I also bring on members of the music service industry for you to hear about what they're doing to help amplify the music scene!

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Wisconsin Music Podcast

Season 3

Episode 104


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Yung Bloom


Yung Bloom has been making music for almost 3 years now. I know I’m going to make it big with the art I create. I believe I will achieve anything I put my mind too! I will manifest my dreams and they will become my reality. It takes hard work and I always make sure to stay consistent. My YouTube channel is at nearly 3K subscribers and my channel as a whole has almost 300K views. I say this humbly and not in a narcissistic way. I’ve learned that consistency is key, and by doing that I’ve been improving not just in my art but in life as a whole. I have big plans for the future and I’m excited to answer anything you guys are interested in knowing. 


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Instagram @yung_bloom


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   The Show

Wisconsin Music Podcast interviews local Wisconsin musicians on their journey from their first group, solo endeavor, hired studio work, local community groups, and more, to their present day activities in the local music scene. We will also talk with music businesses and music organizations.

Wisconsin Music Podcast will talk about their origin story, what their influences are, what they do to hone their talents and their skills to be where they are today. What they feel is not only suffocating the local music scene, but, better yet, what they feel is helping push the local scene into the limelight. Also hear about gigs they’ve played that made an impression on them and why. . . and much more.

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