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Interviews with local Wisconsin musicians and music based organizations and businesses.

The goal of the podcast is to amplify the great talent in Wisconsin and bring on guests that will be do just that. 


You'll hear from Wisconsin artist and hear about their journey from their beginning.

I also bring on members of the music service industry for you to hear about what they're doing to help amplify the music scene!

If you are enjoying these episodes, please consider donating to the podcast.  Donations help pay for the website and putting the podcast up on the streaming services.

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Wisconsin Music Podcast

Season 4

Episode 118


Wisconsin Music Podcast newest episode artwork. Artist is Mie




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Season 4 Premier:

Dive into MIE’s Blues-Folk Fusion, Akin to Billie Eilish and Jessie Ware

Welcome to the Season 4 premiere of the Wisconsin Music Podcast! We're kicking things off with a musical journey you won't want to miss. In this first episode, we shine the spotlight on the incredible artist MIE, whose music resonates with echoes of musical luminaries like Billie Eilish and Jessie Ware.

MIE has a musical style that fuses blues and folk, creating a unique and captivating sound that's akin to the brilliance of Billie Eilish and the soulful richness of Jessie Ware. Her talent and creativity have led her to explore the realms of electro-pop, resulting in a musical journey that's as eclectic as it is enchanting.

As we dive into Season 4, we're thrilled to introduce you to MIE's musical world. Her debut EP, "Alchemie," released in August 2021, is a testament to her eclectic influences, drawing inspiration from Billie Eilish, Jessie Ware, and India.Arie Simpson. In this episode, we'll unravel the magic behind her music and explore the stories that have shaped her artistry.

But that's not all! MIE has some exciting news to share. She's gearing up to debut her upcoming acoustic collection, featuring unreleased originals like "Downer," "Strangers," and "Daddy Issues." These songs promise to be a treat for your ears, and you'll get an exclusive sneak peek on our podcast.

Join us as we celebrate MIE's artistry, her journey, and the start of an exciting Season 4. We invite you to connect with MIE on her social media platforms and explore her music further:

- Instagram: @itsmiemusic
- Facebook: @itsmieagain
- TikTok: @itsmiemusic

- Streaming Platforms:

Alchemie EP
- Website:


Our fourth season is filled with more incredible Wisconsin talent and captivating stories, and we can't wait to share them with you. So, stay tuned, subscribe, and get ready for an unforgettable musical journey in Season 4 of the Wisconsin Music Podcast.

Join us as we celebrate the rich musical tapestry of Wisconsin and explore the enchanting melodies of MIE in this exciting Season 4 premiere!


Listen now and let the music take you on a journey like never before.

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   The Show

Wisconsin Music Podcast interviews local Wisconsin musicians on their journey from their first group, solo endeavor, hired studio work, local community groups, and more, to their present day activities in the local music scene. We will also talk with music businesses and music organizations.

Wisconsin Music Podcast will talk about their origin story, what their influences are, what they do to hone their talents and their skills to be where they are today. What they feel is not only suffocating the local music scene, but, better yet, what they feel is helping push the local scene into the limelight. Also hear about gigs they’ve played that made an impression on them and why. . . and much more.

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